Joy Crysdale’s Book Fearless Female Journalist and Amelia Bloomer List in News

The Humber Etc. Newspaper published an article about Joy Crysdale’s book and mentioned its nomination for the Amelia Bloomer Project list. Click on the image to the right to access the article. Kelly Gabel, the reporting journalist, wishes that she could have included more information about the AB Project but had a 300 word limit. I only wish that the article had identified the list as being for primarily youth use rather than collection development… for which I know we’re used, but I see that as secondary to youth using our list as a resource.

I’m also excited that New Moon wants to feature us- they’re audience is youth, rather than academics. Although speaking of academics, Holly Atkins wanted to thank the committee. She says, “The Amelia Bloomer Project plays a significant role in my dissertation study focusing on adolescent females’ identity exploration in a book club. Thank you to everyone involved in the project.” Interesting.


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