Nomination: Hush

Chayil, Eishes.  Hush. 2010 (Sept.). 359 p. Walker, $16.99. (ISBN 978-0-8027-2088-7). Gr. 11 and up.

 Young Gittel’s close-knit ultra-Orthodox community in Borough Park, Brooklyn is comforting. Traditional. Safe. Or so she thinks. When she witnesses a horrific act of violence against her best friend Devory, she is frightened and confused but she keeps silent, unwilling to face her fears. Devory’s suicide is a shock, but her death is quickly “forgotten” and the community appears to move forward. For Gittel, however, Devory’s death causes unspeakable pain, which she keeps secret for years, until she can no longer keep silent. Can she find the courage to speak up for her friend?  More importantly, will her traditional community finally listen? (mmc)

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