Nomination: The Girl With Three Legs

Mire, Soraya. The Girl With Three Legs. 2011. 375 pp. Lawrence Hill Books, $26.95 (978-1-56976-713-9). Gr. 10 and up.

This memoir is an account of her experience of (FGM) female genital mutilation. As a young girl growing up in a well off Somali family, she was teased for being a girl with ‘three legs.’  She never quite understood what that meant and her mother told her it would be a gift.  Soraya did not understand that this gift would cause her excruciating pain and medical problems and emotional scarring for years.   The strength of the writer is compelling. Her courage and her experiences have led her to be an activist to end FGM’s devastating cultural hold and to give women and victims the power to reclaim their lives.

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