Nomination : Pure

Baggott, Julianna. Pure. 2012 (Feb.). 448 p. Grand Central Publishing, $25.99 (978-1-4555-0306-3). Gr. 9 – up. [jl]

Outside the Dome, which houses the Pures, the rest of the survivors must deal with starvation, lack of  resources, and continual physical challenges since the Detonations left them fused with whatever object they were touching or near during the catastrophe.  Pressia, a teenage girl with a doll head for a hand, encounters the remnants of sexism from the old world and new horrifying facets of misogyny in the new world as she and other survivors seek the truth behind the Dome and the cataclysmic event that changed everything.

One thought on “Nomination : Pure

  1. Shoeless March 29, 2012 / 8:09 pm

    Wandered here from LoveYALit. So glad I did! What a great blog!! I’ll definitely be back in the future!

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