Nomination: Love and Haight

Carlton, Susan. Love and Haight. 2012. 176p. Henry Holt & Co., $16.99 (978080508097-1). Gr. 9+

On the eve of 1972, Chloe travels with her best friend to San Francisco.  But the trip is not for pleasure; Chloe is going to one of the two places in the United States where abortion is legal.  During the trip she has to explore her own feelings and deal with those of her best friend (who finds herself at odds with her Catholic upbringing), her awesome hippie aunt Kiki who sees the world in shades of gray, and her ex-boyfriend (who is not the father of the child).  Chloe doesn’t feel she can talk to her own mother (“Virginia! Not Mrs. Switzer”, who espouses women’s lib, but is emotionally distant) and tries to take care of herself on her own.

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