Nomination: The Red Pencil

9780316247818_p0_v5_s260x420Pinkney, Andrea Davis. Illus. Shane W. Evans. The Red Pencil. 2014. 324pg. Little, Brown. $17.00.978-0-316-24780. Gr.4-6.

Amira is twelve and on the road to adulthood in her peaceful Sudanese village. To her mother, this means learning to be a good wife and mother. But Amira yearns to read, write, and attend school. When their village is attacked by the Janjaweed, what is left of Amira’s family is forced to flee for a refugee camp. There, Amira begins to fulfill her dream of an education; she also begins to question the happiness women are expected to garner from marriage and motherhood. Amira takes great risks to make her dream of education, which she will bring back to help her people, come true.

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