Nomination: The Pants Project


pants projectClarke, Cat. The Pants Project. 2017. 272 pages. Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, $16.99 (9781492638094). Gr. 4- 9.

When Liv starts at a new school with a strict uniform policy, he is forced to confront two things: one, that the policy states that girls must wear skirts and two, that he is a boy – but only he knows.


Nomination: Shadow Warrior

Shadow Warrior

Kyi, Tanya Lloyd. Shadow Warrior. 64p. Annick Press, $12.95 (9781554519651). Gr. 3-6.

Chiyome uses her ninja training to open a ninja school for girls after her husband is killed in battle.

Nomination: Dangerous Jane

Dangerous Jane

Slade, Suzanne. Dangerous Jane. Illus. by Alice Ratterree. 2017. 40p. Peachtree Publishers, $17.95 (9781561459131). Gr. 1-3.

Activist Jane Addams dedicated her life to helping the poor and to peace. Though her work upset some people and called her dangerous, she was recognized with the Nobel Peace Prize.