Nomination: The Riot Grrrl Collection

ImageDarms, Lisa.  The Riot Grrrl Collection.  2013.  361p.  Feminist Press, $34.95 (978-1-558-61822-0).  Gr. 8-up. [kpr]

Riot grrrl (1989-1996) sought to unify girls, encouraged them to start bands and write zines, and accept individual girl’s differences.  While not representative of the entire movement, this collection brings together flyers, zines and letters which show the beginning, evolution, and decline of riot grrrl, and represents the perspectives of those who felt included in the mantra “Revolution Grrrl Style Now” and those who did not.

Nomination: Gadget Girl: The Art of Being Invisible

Kamata, Suzanne. Gadget Girl: The Art of Being Invisible. 2013. 256p. Gemma, $14.95 (978-1-936-84638-2). Gr. 7-12. [kpr]

Aiko is the creator of Gadget Girl, a manga hero who constantly saves Chaz’s life and can do everything Aiko’s cerebral palsy prevents. Even though Gadget Girl has many fans, Aiko chooses to remain an anonymous creator. A trip to Paris, the revelation of family secrets, and a new friendship change Aiko’s self-perception and encourage her to become visible to her fans and peers.

Nomination: Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant

delilah dirkCliff, Tony. Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant. 2013. 176p. First Second, $15.99.  (978-1-59643-813-2). Gr. 7-12. [kpr]

Delilah Dirk trained with the finest marksmen in France, survived in the jungles of India, perfected her fighting technique in Japan, and can pick any lock.  While imprisoned in Constantinople, Dirk’s captor foolishly underestimates her abilities, “HA! A woman! A skilled fighter!”

Nomination: Belle Epoque

Ross, Elizabeth. Belle Epoque. 2013. 336 p. Delacorte, $17.9 (978-0-38574-146-0). Gr. 7-12. [kpr]

When Maude runs away to Paris to escape an unwanted marriage her plain appearance lands her a job working as a beauty foil, a companion who instantly makes their friend appear more attractive.  Maude overcomes the degradation she feels each day by building friendships with her coworkers and companion Isabelle, who wants to study science at university, that empower the women to make changes.

Nomination: The Three Ninja Pigs

Three Ninja PigsSchwartz, Corey Rosen.The Three Ninja Pigs. Illus. by Dan Santat. 2012. 40p. Putnam Juvenile, $16.99 (978-0-3992-5514-4). Gr. K-2. [kpr]

A sister and two brothers are featured in this retelling of The Three Little Pigs. The sister, a dedicated karate student, saves her brothers from the Big Bad Wolf’s huffing and puffing not by fighting but by demonstrating her the strength of her skills

Nomination: Women Aviators

Women AviatorsGibson, Karen Bush. Women Aviators: 26 Stories of Pioneer Flights, Daring Missions, and Record-Setting Journeys. 2013. 234p. Chicago Review Press, $19.95 (978-1-61374-540-3). Gr. 7-10. [kpr]

In 1910, Baroness Raymonde de Laroche became the first woman awarded a pilot license even though men had been flying since 1903.  Like Baroness, the female pilots profiled in this book became pioneers of flight despite society’s belief they weren’t smart or strong enough to fly.



Nomination: Yoko Ono: Collector of Skies

yoko ono
Beram, Nell & Carolyn Boriss-Krimsky.
Yoko Ono: Collector of Skies. 2013. 184p. Amulet, $24.95 (978-1-4197-0444-4). Gr.6-12. [kpr]

As a teen Yoko Ono’s father dismissed her desire to become a composer saying it was no job for a woman.  Despite years of sexism, racism, and criticism, Yoko Ono created art, music, and a personal life that was true to her and eventually viewed as groundbreaking.